Global Windw Films

Global Window Films is a leading innovator in the film industry. They manufacture only the best products for your car. All of their films are covered by a nation-wide lifetime warranty!


Non Reflective Quick Dry Plus is a basic dyed filmed that comes in three shades. Gets up to 42% heat block

High Performance (BETTER)

This film is partially dyed, and partially metallized, which results in more heat block than a basic dyed film. Gets up to 61% heat block.

Ceramic (BEST)

This is the best film we carry and one of the best films currently on the market. Its a ceramic based film thats not only going to block 66% of the total heat, but its also going to block up to 85% infrared heat. This film is the best for blocking heat.

LLumar Window Films

LLumar is a staple amongst many tint shops due to its over-whelming popularity and excellent products.


This is LLumars line of Ceramic film.Its one of the most popular films out there. It comes in three shades and is sure to make your car a whole lot cooler!